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Colonial Zone Boutique Hotel

#1 on Tripadvisor

Set in a famous historic house in the center of the Colonial Zone, Casa Sánchez has 16 beautifully designed bedrooms and suites, with a pool and jacuzzi.

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Rated No.1 on Tripadvisor in Santo Domingo

Gorgeous child-free hotel in the heart of the Colonial Zone.

Casa Sánchez is a chic boutique hotel in the heart of Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone.  Set in the home of a former president, we have a beautiful swimming pool, a pretty roof garden with a rooftop bar and a jacuzzi.    From the street it looks very ordinary, but step inside to dazzling colours, beautiful colonial tiles and history beneath every footstep.

Our 16 bedrooms and suites are all individually designed and have air conditioning, free WiFi & private bathrooms.  Breakfast is served in a pretty garden and is a choice of four freshly-cooked menus.  There are serve-yourself bars with ice-cold beers and cocktails. Our English-speaking team provide the best service in town- we’ve always been the highest rated small hotel on Tripadvisor.

If you live locally and want to enjoy our facilities we have Day Passes for RD$ 1,400 (about US$ 30) per person, including 2 free drinks.  To book just use the contact links below.